FAMx Reverse Innovation for Health - 31 May to 1 June 2018

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Ministry of Social Affairs & Health

Under the Patronage

National Academy of Medecine

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National Academy of Medecine

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CNFU Doctors 2.0 & You

Reverse Innovation: An opportunity for world health

After six bilateral forums, the Foundation of the French Academy of Medicine (FAM) invites you to attend FAMxParis, its first international forum, on May 31st and June 1st, 2018 at UNESCO, devoted to the exciting theme of reverse innovation for health.

This original subject refers to those innovations coming from Brazil, Russia, India, China, the BRIC and emerging countries, that have the potential to address three major issues facing developed health systems:

  • regions with too few physicians,
  • excessive healthcare costs
  • the need to rethink the role of health professionals

With 40+ speakers from around the world and the support of the Foundation’s six key partner countries -- Brazil, China, India, Mexico, Russia, Senegal-- FAMx Paris, for which entrance is free of charge, will be the occasion for the Foundation to contribute to its basic mission of facilitating access to care for the greatest number. REGISTRATION IS FREE AND OPEN TO ALL.


The FrenchTech Start-up Challenge is a success, thanks to the cooperation with Doctors 2.0 & You and in particular, Denise Silber, who brought her digital health expertise and support of the start-up community.
Please learn more and « meet »  the winning start-ups...

FAMx Paris is:

1 innovative theme

2 days of sessions

2   symposia

12  start-ups

12 reverse innovations for health

18 countries, including 6 partner countries attending

50 speakers

700 participants


  • Day 1

    Inaugural session
    Today’s successes for tomorrow’s challenges (E-health, organization of care, health policies)

    Reverse innovation, answers to physician shortages and access to healthcare? (telemedicine, mobile devices, m-health-laptops,… )

  • Day 2

    Frugal innovations, optimizing health costs: dreams or reality?
    Reverse innovation, creating new roles for health professionals



  • Jean-Marie Dru
  • Prof Dominique Kerouedan
  • Denise Silber
  • Prof Daniel Couturier
  • Dr Franck Baudino
  • Prof Maïmouna Ndour Mbaye
  • Prof Antonio Luiz Ribeiro
  • Dr Devendra Raj Mehta
  • Prof Jean-Paul Moatti
  • Dr Yves Juillet
  • Prof De Wet Swanepoel
  • Dr Isabelle Adenot
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We sincerely appreciate the support of all the partners who make FAMx Paris possible.

Institutional Partners

Private Sector Partners

Media Partners

Communication partners

Communication Ambassadors in cooperation with Doctors 2.0 & You

Practical information

Venue Map

Access to the forum will be from the entrance on Avenue de Suffren and not on Place de Fontenoy.


FAMx Paris is a bilingual (English/French) conference so that healthcare stakeholders from both France and around the world can participate: healthcare professionals, patient associations, industry and start-ups, political representatives, journalists and bloggers, students.

Recognized by French law on December 26, 2013, as a public service organization, the Foundation of the National Academy of Medicine (FAM) has a mission to facilitate access by the greatest number to the best in healthcare, by accelerating the exchange of best medical practices around the world. This work is based on the creation of international collaborations  between academies of medicine, medical schools and leading healthcare organizations in the world. As a result, FAM contributes to the expanding role of French medicine around the world. For further information, please consult http://www.fam.fr/en/

The choice of countries like Brazil, Russia, India, and China were made for the importance of their economies. This is true as well for Mexico and other Latin American countries in the 11 leading national economies. Senegal is symbolic of French relations with sub-Saharan Africa.
It’s an innovation that seeks to do at least as well as what already exists, if not better, with an innovation that costs much less.
Registration is free. Please use this link – https://www.weezevent.com/famx-paris
You may select from a 2-day pass or a one day pass for May 31 (Thursday) or June 1 (Friday)
Speakers can use English or French. Translation headsets will be available and participants can ask questions in either language.
No, we have all our speakers. However, you can register to participate and take part in the discussions.
As a French foundation, we depend on donations from our partners and from individuals. Attendance is free of charge and we are therefore most grateful for any additional financial contributions. Please write to contact@fam.fr
We have partnerships with both online media and social media influencers, but we are open to your suggestions.
Our contribution to participants is free access to the Forum. Our logistical budget is reserved to speakers.
We provide coffee breaks and a lunch snacks during the forum in the lobby. We plan to provide no gluten, no lactose, and vegetarian options.
The UNESCO building ensures that people with limited mobility can access all of the conference rooms.
Attendees must go through security at 125 avenue de Suffren where they will get a badge, upon showing their invitation and an ID.

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FAMX Paris Address

125 avenue de Suffren
75007 Paris

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